8th Masterclass of Female UROLOGY & UroGynaecology 2017

Course Aim:

“To illustrate the importance of aetiology and pathophysiology in the decision making of genito-urethral reconstruction by example of live surgical procedures, supplemented by case discussions”

Day 1:

Monday 27th November:

Urge Urinary Incontinence, POP & Urogynaecological Complications Live Surgery, Case Discussions and Presentations


Day 2:

Tuesday 28th November:

Female Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse Live Surgery, Case Discussions and Presentations


Day 3:

Wednesday 29th November:

Urogynecoloical Surgical Complications and Voiding Dysfunctions Live Surgery, Case Discussions and Presentations


A variety of endoscopic, laparoscopic and open procedures will be performed:
1. For stress urinary incontinence - from intraurethral bulking agents to bladder neck AUS
2. For prolapse - from anterior repair to sacrocolpopexy
3. For voiding dysfunction - from intraurethral botulinum toxin to Mitrofanoff channel formation
4. For urogynaecological surgical complications from vaginal repair of VVF to ureteric reimplantation
5. For urgency urinary incontinence from intravesical botulinum toxin to clam ileocystoplasty
How Should We Diagnose BOO in Women?
What is the Role of Bulking Agents for Managing SUI?
What is the Role of UPP and EMG in 2017?
Mitrofanoff Channels - Good or Bad Idea?
How Should We Manage Urethral Stricture in 2017?
What's New In Female Voiding Dysfunction?
What's New in SUI Surgery in 2017?
Are Bulking Agents the New First Line for Primary SUI?
What is the Role of Synthetic MUT in 2017?
How Should We Manage Recurrent SUI?
What is the Best Technique for VVF Repair? Interactive Case Discussions
Delegates are encouraged to bring along their own cases to discuss with our expert panel
Video Presentations What is the Role of the Martius Labial Fat Pad Flap in Female Reconstruction?
Vesico-Vaginal Fistula - How Should We Treat this Devastating Complication?



Early Bird to 31st August 2017:
Consultant or equivalent: £125/day | £300/3 days Allied Health Professions £60/day | £150/3 days

Late Registration:
Consultant or equivalent: £175/day | £400/3 days Allied Health Professions £90/day | £215/3 days
Price inculdes all daytime refreshments.
Course dinner - meet the dlegates and the faculty £30 (booked separtely)
Accomodation suggestions and enquiries contact: Shirine-elise.yasse@uclh.nhs.uk



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