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Top Training at UCLH

The Trust has won an award for its innovative staff training ‚Äď recognised as among the best on offer in the capital.

UCLH won first prize in a London Deanery Annual competition to promote ‚Äúexcellence in education‚ÄĚ, after its After Action Review and WHO Safe Surgery Checklist programmes were singled out for praise.

The Learning Hospital ‚Äď which includes ‚Äúmock‚ÄĚ hospital wards and an operating theatre at the UCH Education Centre ‚Äď provides an ideal environment for staff to reflect on their actions and behaviour during life-like, simulated scenarios.

The awards were hosted by STeLI, a flagship project of the London Deanery and the NHS London‚Äôs ‚ÄėExcellence in Education‚Äô strategy.

Judy Walker, the education lead for the Trust‚Äôs After Action Review programme, said: ‚ÄúThe competition was tough and we were up against some¬† other major league players. This award recognises the excellent collaboration with senior clinical staff ‚Äď led by Professor Aidan Halligan ‚Äď and the quality of the experiential simulation model the education team have developed.‚ÄĚ

The training programme proved particularly useful when the Theatres leadership team introduced the World Health Organisation’s Surgical Safety Checklist, which helps improve patient safety by encouraging theatre staff to use pre-briefing and debriefing routinely and raise any concerns they might have about a surgical procedure.

Judy added: ‚ÄúSimulation exercises are resulting in a real shift in behaviour which is directly linked to improved patient safety and care. It helps embed checklists and guidelines within team behaviour and enables our staff to learn at a deep level and to gain confidence in speaking out to prevent problems developing‚ÄĚ.

Around 1,300 trust and other NHS staff have already benefited from simulation training and After Action Review programmes.

The awards aim to promote excellence and innovation in education, focusing on novel approaches using simulation and latest technology.

A panel of judges described the UCLH training programme as ‚Äútruly innovative and of the highest quality‚ÄĚ.


The winning team (l to r): Sarah Chievely-Williams, consultant anaesthetist; Steve Andrews, director of programmes; Viki Mitchell, consultant anaesthetist; Judy Walker, education programme lead; Yogi Amin, consultant anaesthetist

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